The Alexia Meditation Seat is design and thought to be the most comfortable seat you have yet tried, to achieve a great meditative state is not necessary to bend wear and tear joint in the process, the Lotus position or asana is one of the most ancient ways of sitting, in fact to our ancestors and during the process of the human evolution it was the most common ways of sitting, we did not have 90o seat and chairs like we do in this days. With this said, we understand that the extensive use of conventional (modern) seats is a real problem nowadays causing discomfort in the lower back and sciatica.

Meditation Posture The most common posture or asana used in meditation is Lotus which can be Half  Lotus & Full Lotus, some people can even meditate laying in the floor or sitting in conventional chairs,  The Alexia Meditation Seat  is able  to deliver the best of ancient legacyand the best of modern days, offering true Ergonomics throughout the complex human body giving support to the: Lower Column, Ischium, Knee, instep and feet. Like this opening the Waist and Pelvis.

Proper Alignment
When meditating in The Alexia Meditation Seat, the firm foundations across the seat are crucial for proper alignment of the body. The spine gets erected with and the lower back curves in, the upper back slightly curved out, this alignment naturally supports your body, and you won’t have to deal with being push forward or backwards trying to adjust your position during the meditation to compensate discomfort, allowing you to be for longer periods of time in the desired meditative state.

The Alexia Meditation Seat offers applications and encourages its use in areas like Meditation, Work, Pregnancy.