About Us


Meditation should be relaxing, but unwinding is much more challenging when you’re uncomfortable. Alexia Meditation Seat is an ergonomic meditation cushion that lets you find your ZEN with perfect posture and comfort.

The Alexia Meditation Seat is made by hand, using the highest quality material as well as a high manufacturing standard. On the inside of The Alexia Meditation Seat there is a steel tubing frame and steel seating mesh to ensure your posture at all times, high quality foam for the padding, the upholstered textiles that cover the Alexia Meditation Seat has double stitching for ultimate textile resistance.

Our internal foundation points help your body find perfect sukhasana pose. Also known as “easy seated pose,” sukhasana is used in yoga for easing hip tension and reducing stress. Alexia Meditation Seat raises the hips and angles them forward to naturally make you sit up straight, while your legs fold underneath you—without the pressure of your body weight.

Alexia’s lotus-like design is enhanced by richly colored fabric, vegan Leather or leather—it’s a Gorgeous – practical piece. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or just watching TV, Alexia can improve your meditation practice as well as your posture.

 Alexia Meditation Seats are meticulously hand-crafted with high quality materials with a built-in light metal skeleton to support the body just the right way. Covered with a great choice of fabrics, leathers in beautiful color presentations. When you sit in one of our unique seats, you will immediately recognize the superior quality The Alexia Meditation Seat haves to offer you.

Just seat and allow, there is no need for you to use muscle tension to hold your body in a particular position – the Alexia Meditation Seat does it all for you, just let the seat hold you.