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Why The Alexia Meditation Seat?

The Alexia Meditation Seats are thought and designed to be the most comfortable seat you have yet to try, to achieve meditative states there is no need to flex and bend to the extreme bone and joints in the process, the Lotus position or Padmasana is one of the most ancient ways of sitting, in fact our ancestors during the process of the our evolution had this as the most popular way of sitting, we did not have 90o seats and chairs widely available like in the present day. With this said, we understand that the extensive use (8hrs day) of conventional modern seats is becoming a real problem causing discomfort and stress in the sciatica, lower back, shoulders etc.

Importance of Meditation Posture
The most common posture or asana used in meditation is The Padmasana (Lotus) which can be Half or Full. Before getting into Lotus asana there is a series of preparatory poses to get you to stretch and if this step is skipped could cause serious long term joints and bone problems yet not everyone is made to adopt a Full Lotus cause not every human being haves exact same genetics, some people choose to meditate laying in the floor or sitting in conventional seats. The Alexia Meditation Seat is able to blend the best of ancient wisdom and the best of modern science, offering true Ergonomics throughout it’s design the complex human body gets supported just the right way in areas such as: Lower Column, Ischium, Knee, instep and feet. This opens the Waist and Pelvis causing the back to be straight.

Properly Aligning the Spine
When sitting in The Alexia Meditation Seat, the firm foundations across the seat are crucial for proper alignment of the body. The spine gets erected with and the lower back curves in, the upper back slightly curves out, this alignment naturally supports your body weight, and you won’t have to deal anymore with being pushed forward or backwards, lack of blood flow in the legs, knee pain, lower limbs numbness, trying to adjust your position during the meditation to compensate discomfort. allowing you to be for longer periods of time in the desired mindful. meditative state.

The Alexia Meditation Seat offers applications and encourages its users in areas like Meditation, Work, Home decor, pregnancy.

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